Miss Sen (Chester, Cheshire, UK)
Special Education & Early Intervention 4 children with Autism/ADHD  
Psychology/ PECS/ ABA/ Hypnotherapy / SEND / Private Tuition 

              CHESHIRE, UK  http://www.zenchi-therapy.co.uk/clinic/clinical-medical-hypnotherapist/                                             

Special Educational Needs & Disability
Virtual 1 on 1 Early Intervention & Therapy Online Sessions

home programmes autism

Home Programmes

Home programmes & early intervention for child development for infants & preschool.  

Developed to meet the individual needs of the child, to reach their milestone goals.

Helping develop fine motor control, social skills, cognitive function, academic performance.

online therapy autism

Online Education 

An option to provide online therapy and home programmes if tutoring within the home isn't possible.  This works via online platform using webcam set up.  

Child Minding Service

Fiona also offers child minding service for children with additional needs, this allows parents peace of mind knowing a professional can meet the individual needs of the child. £15 per hour, if multiple hours a reduction will be offered.  

emotional regulation autism

Hypnotherapy & Emotional Regulation

Regulating unwanted emotional behaviours whilst building on self esteem and confidence. Helping to empower the child over controlling their behaviour and reducing anxiety, emotional anger & frustration outbursts & meltdowns.  Talking therapy and Hypnotherapy can be used to overcome difficulties. 

“Tell me and I'll forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I'll understand”.

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